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Welcome Refugees Colchester is an umbrella organisation of faith groups, student societies and civic bodies concerned about human rights. Our overall aim is to help refugees settle in our community.

To further this aim we plan to:

  • Give a warm welcome to the five Syrian refugee families who will arrive before Christmas and do what we can to help them integrate into Colchester life. This would be over and above the official help. We wish to give a helping hand as good neighbours.

  • Based on the success of this initial venture, we would hope this would encourage and enable the Borough Council to welcome at least 50 more refugee families.

  • To further this aim we want to raise awareness and acceptance within the wider Colchester community, in the form of publicity and events. We’ve already held one very successful Refugees :Facts and Fictions evening

  • Such a wide civic grouping will help to expand our efforts in helping refugees abroad.

The Government is committed to welcoming 20,000 Syrian Refugees within the next five years. Each county has been asked to take a share of refugees.

The Borough of Colchester in Essex has already successfully welcomed the Afghan interpreters who aided British troops. The existing facilities for resettling refugees are outstanding and we are delighted to be working with Colchester Borough Council on our project to welcome refugees to this area.

Welcome Refugees Colchester hope that Colchester can lead the way in the provision of care for refugees, in keeping with its long and proud history of supporting displaced groups following political and religious persecutions.

Please find below a video we made several weeks ago to explain our pledge system.

If you want to post your pledge: here is our Facebook Page.

And if you wish to contact us to make a pledge concerning an accomodation, your GP, your school, an institution, or even to offer a job, please have a look here.